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Struggle Sessions Zine: Info

-Struggle Sessions”

Zine by Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes

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Design by Build

Essay -Starting out with space” by Steven Graf

Size: 9.5” x 13.5”

Stock: #50 Text

Color: 4/4

Digital Print

Page: 36

Limited to 100 copies world wide

initial printing Nov, 2015.

An exploration of space and deconstruction of the human form, the portraiture basis of the

presented imagery has evolved and devolved during multiple -Struggle Sessions” between

the artists.

This is the first printed piece in a series of collaborations that involves film, photography,

sculpture and design. The artists began creating together based on their mutual love of

electronic music and the cultural elements around It. The -Struggle Sessions” is the first

printed collection of those explorations.

Artists statement-

-Concepted as a manual or self-help document for people coping with digital fatigue, the

Struggle Sessions represent the instances of manic de-contextualization of the figure,

chopped into angular polygons and laid bare in a field of collaged music video scraps and

deserted theatrical stages. Motifs include Electronic foliage growing from self-conscious body

parts, breakdown of photographic and pictorial places, abstracted figures coping with identity

dispersion and fields of digital pigment submerging nudes in digital fatigue.

The concept of the piece evolves into the printed design, the piece working as both a

traditional linear zine and as a series of -spreads” to be removed from the order by the owner.

There is a system with a key included to decode the design structure. –

Influences for the series include covers of dirtstyle turntablist records, grotesque synthol

muscle injections, Wesley Kimler’s massive oil paintings, damaged renaissance portraiture,

bad flash photography, South American tagger scrawls, people wearing uncomfortably bulky

things, the biomorphic works of Francis Bacon, the utopian industrial design of Luigi Colani

and the writings of philosopher Nick Land.


Saccenti and Rolfe’s numerous collaborations include the pieces for the -Rone” show

at Tokyo de Palais in Paris and the Warp records Squarepusher – Damogen furies A/V in

New York in 2015.

Build and Saccenti have collaborated together on various print, film and online

projects since 2003, the most recent being Timothy’s -Portraits 01” book, published in 2014.

Sam Rolfes is a digital artist based in New York and Chicago.

Sam Rolfes is a multimedia artist based in both New York City and Chicago. Sam Rolfes’

static, animated, and interactive abstractions are also embedded in his design, illustration,

and online work with a number of fashion companies such as Nicopanda/Two Hustlers,

Dior/Louis Vuitton, and Bad Behavior, and runs a series of cross-genre new media and

electronic music warehouse shows in Chicago featuring extensive lineups of visual artists

alongside producers and DJs.

Timothy Saccenti is a director and photographer based in New York City. Specializing in and

immersive, forward thinking aesthetic, he’s created music videos and album art for artists

such as Depeche Mode, Nine inch nails and Run the Jewels. His clients include Warp

records, XL records, Oxfam and Sony

Build is a UK-based, award-winning creative agency. Stories and ethos are communicated

through strong visual narratives, utilizing brand identity, art direction and graphic design and

use of experience of production to bring these ideas to life across multiple channels.Build was

founded in 2001 by Michael C. Place (Creative Director) and Nicky Place (Business Director)

Steven Graf is a New York based writer philosopher. He is currently interested in the

philosophy of language and the ontology of space.